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10 Gigabit Ethernet in ATMAN network

ATM S.A., the ATMAN network operator, announced the start of expanding its telecommunications network and the introduction of 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology.

The purpose of the new project is to ensure handling of the rapidly increasing Internet traffic and to adapt the network to the requirements of the technologies introduced to the market, such as video on demand, triple play services, interactive TV, or High Definition TV. The first 10 Gbps links will assure the transmission between the main IP nodes within ATMAN network, and at the same time will increase the level of redundancy. The reconstruction planned for the coming months shall include the most important telecommunication nodes both in the metropolitan networks and in the national backbone.

ATMAN network services are utilized, among others, by telecommunication operators, media (including TV broadcasters), and the Internet portals, messengers and websites. ATM S.A. is also (together with Crowley) the creator of AC-X network, connecting the Internet providers and the Internet content providers; October also marked the launch of Cineman, a platform for multimedia content distribution, a joint enterprise of ATM S.A. and Monolith Films.

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